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From damaged print to restored print in just 5 easy steps.

Print Restoration Prices

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Photo Restoration Pricing Information

The above diagram explains how our pricing is structured in an easy 5 step process. Below is a detailed description of what each step entails. To see the above diagram enlarged click or tap the image.

Step 1: Recieve A Quote

To receive a quote simply email or text Tom a visual of the damaged print. This can be a picture taken with your cell phone or a scan from your home scanner. Tom will need to know what you would like done in order to asses the amount of time it will take to accomplish your requests and provide you with an accurate quote. Information helpful in providing a quote can be found below. The only other means of providing a quote would be to meet in person, skype or facetime if you prefer. If you would prefer you can ask Tom to do one hour, verify what's been done and either request additional time or accept the work done completing your order.

Digital manipulation is $60 per hour. Most assignments take 2 hours and render an ending balance between $100 and $200. Half the initial estimate is expected before restoration or copy work will begin.

Step 2: Converting Your Print

Tom restores images digitally. This means your print will need to be converted from a hard copy print into digital format before work can be done. This process is done by using a flat bed scanner or a copystand studio and high resolution professional camera. Detail is critical when doing digital photo restoration work. The quality of the scan or capture will determin the quality of the final product you receive. If your print is larger than 8.5in x 12in it will need to be converted using a copystand studio with a professional camera. For this process we charge $30. Images smaller are $15 for the first print and $10 each additional print.

Not local? Tom can still assist you with your restoration needs. We just need you to get the digital copy file to us. You can take the print somewhere near to you to be converted into digital format and email the digital copy to us at the email listed above. For files larger than 8mb we can eamil you a dropbox link allowing you to upload your image file to us.

Step 3: Digital Manipulation And Restoration

Stage 1 - Color correction
Stage 2 - Contrast adjustment
Stage 3 - Print repair

You will be asked to verify the work done is as expected once Tom has completed his manipulation. He wants you to be 100% excited and your expectations exceeded from start to finish. It is important we make the corrections before the products are ordered. Be mindful of what you are viewing the preview on. Not all computer sceens, phones and TV screens are created equal. The primary difference from one monitor to another when viewing images, especially black and white, is contrast. Contrast is how dark your dark areas of the image are and how bright your whites are. We encourage you to come in to see your image(s) on Tom's monitor before ordering. Tom orders prints from his computer daily. He can explain what you can expect in regards to any differences from viewing on a screen and what you will recieve as a print in hand.

Step 4: Product Selection

You have a choice of ordering an identical print or choosing a different print size. You can also purchase the digital file allowing you to print the restored image on your own. The quality of the original print given to us determins the max size you can print your restored image. Printing larger one or two sizes is generally not an issue if the origional print is in focus. Please note sales tax will need to be added to all product purchases. Products must be paid for before orders are put into production. If you intend to purchase the restored digital file bring a thumb drive to speed up the check out process. DVD's take around 10 minutes to burn. If you know you will need your file burned to disk let us know before your apointment to avoid having to wait.

up to 4x6 - $16.50
5x7 - $25
8x10 - $35
11x14 - $50
16x20 - $65
20x30 - $85
High Resolution Digital File - $75

Shipping and handling - $9

Step 5: Pick up and Checkout

At this point all work should be complete. The restoration work is done and you have chosen what you would like as a final product. To pay the remaining balance you have a few choices. Cash or check is generally the easiest. We use Palpal for credit cards. Due to processing fees there is an additional 4% added to all credit card transactions. Don't forget to add 7% NC sales tax to all tangible product purchased.


Please include the following information in your email if applicable:

- Age of Photo?
- Do you have a release form?
- Purpose of repair?
- Is there a deadline?
- Discription of damaged print/condiction?
- Origional print size and output size needed?
- Are you interested in purchasing the finished
digital file for reproduction on your own?
- How did you find us?

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